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Zooey Deschanel Topless And Nude

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Though Zooey Deschanel may play roles that are sometimes antisocial, Zooey herself is a well-adjusted human being, and that means she enjoys the things that other people do, like sex.  As a Hollywood star, that’s an easy thing to acquire, and I guess she’s just going with the flow in these images, freeing herself from backward puritanism and exploring her sexual side.

As a serious actress, it’s something she can always tap into when taking on some challenging role in a more edgy production, after all.  “All The Real Girls“, for example had Zooey as a virgin deflowered by the town ladies’ man, whom she falls in love with.  Now isn’t that something that getting naked would prepare her for?  Of course it is, and that could be why we’re seeing Zooey in all these provocative poses, showing off her perky titties and even her pussy!

Or it could be that it just turns her on, and exploring this side of her is just a fun thing to do!  I know there’d be lots of guys lining up to have fun with her from this site, if they had the chance.  Check out this link and see what fun, raunchy things Zooey Deschanel is capable of, and why we’re drooling over her naked body here.  This babe is one complex cutie, and that’s part of why we love her so much!