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Zoeey Deschanel, anal girl

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

The thoughtful and wholesome person Zooey Deschanel plays out to be on screen may be reflective of her real personality, but what lurks beneath quiet people like that is usually a ravenous, Lake Placid-esque beast who’ll pounce out with her real personality when given the chance. So it comes as no surprise to catch our Zooey engaged in such hardcore activities as threesomes and violent doggy fucks that’ll wipe the squeaky clean image we have of her, as we witness in these hot naked pictures of her… but that doesn’t mean we love her less! Actually, I have more reason to stalk her now, because I know she’s up for some kinky, hardcore cock-hoarding whenever the occasion presents itself, and you know me, always on the prowl for a willing pussy or two.

And from what I’ve seen from these naked pictures so far is that Zooey isn’t much of a fan of boring sex routines. I remember a line from 500 Days of Summer when she says, “In college, everyone referred to me as anal girl… I was very neat.” Right, very neat Zooey. Cocks neatly pushed up your ass, is more what you’re trying to say, huh? Call me cross-eyed, but what I’m seeing here with these naked pictures of her is that she likes to take it up the ass, and for obvious reasons. I mean, what chick wouldn’t want to get a banging from the back door? Guys wouldn’t beg chicks to do it if wasn’t that fun. But I don’t need to convince anybody anymore, because I’ve got Zooey Deschanel willing to go anal for me here, what more do I need?